Hovermarine (Canada)

Hovermarine (Canada) Ltd. was formed in April 1967 to market the British built Hovermarine HM.2 60-passenger sidewall ACV and the 4/5 seat Hovercat. The company started designing recreational hovercraft in February 1969 and prototypes of the CHM1 Sandpiper were built in 1969 and 1970.  The company's aim was an all weather vehicle which does not have to be modified by the operator to suit climatic changes.

Their only production hovercraft was the 2/3 seat Sandpiper, an amphibious craft constructed of GRP and powered by two 2-cycle air cooled engines.  Lift was provided by a 22HP 2-cycle driving a 24.5" diameter aluminum centrifugal fan.  Thrust was supplied by a 50HP 2-cycle engine driving via poly-vee belt two 24.5" diameter aluminum centrifugal fans.  Propulsion air was expelled horizontally through the rear thrust ports.  The skirt was of the standard HDL loop-segment type.

Length: 16'8"    Width: 7'11""    Height: 3'10"    Empty Wt: 1,200 lb    Payload: 400 lb

Max speed (calm water): 35 kts    Cruising speed: 25 kts    Endurance: 3 hrs

Source: Janes 1971

The manufacturer's address was:

Hovermarine (Canada) Ltd.
1100 Norman Street
Lachine, Québec
Tel: (514) 634-3493



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