Specialite Areo Lalande Ltee.

This hovercraft was originally named RL4-A by Roger Lalande.  It was renamed Whirlwind after the project was handed over to a group in Parry Sound, Ontario.

The lower section was constructed of fibreglass reinforced with 2024-T3 aluminum alloy.  The upper section was made from 2024-T3 stringers and skinned with aluminum - aircraft style.  Rudder and reverser were hydraulically operated.  Power was from a Ford V8 automotive engine

A large panel dropped over the thrust duct to redirect the thrust air forward, providing braking and reverse.

The manufacturer's address was:

Specialite Aero Lalande Ltée
R.R. No 1
Harricana-Ouest, Quebec
J0Y 1M0
Tel: (819) 732-5602



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