Who Is The
Club Of Canada


We are people just like you! Interested in hovercraft, how they work & putting them to work.

Most of our members use their hovercraft for good old personal transportation and recreation. Cruising down rivers or across lakes in spring, summer, fall and winter. Others, with a keen competitive spirit, take them racing from land to water and back again. No friction means speed without boundaries....and without brakes! Which makes for an exciting race. And some are professionals in the industry. Hovercraft manufacturers, resellers and operators. 

You don't have to own a hovercraft to become a member of the Hovercraft Club Of Canada. You don't even have to live in Canada! Anyone with an interest in hovercraft is welcome to join.

The Hovercraft Club Of Canada is a not for profit organization headed by a Board Of Directors made up of volunteers. Please feel free to contact any member of the current B.O.D. for more information about the club.

The current Board Of Directors is as follows:

President - Ross Wease                           GLHovercraftATgmail.com

Vice President - Mario De Castris                        marioATlincsat.com

Secretary - Nancy Morton                             mnmortonATionsys.com

Treasurer/Membership - Trudy Gauthier             omaopaATpersona.ca

Newsletter Editor - Ross Wease                 GLHovercraftATgmail.com

Technical Director - Lew Adkins                        salesATcanhover.com

Website Administrator - Mario De Castris              marioATlincsat.com

Membership in the HCC cost only $15 annually in CDN or US funds. Corporate memberships are only $50.00. With your membership you will receive a club decal and a subscription to the clubs quarterly newsletter full of hovercraft news stories and classified adds. Corporate members will also receive advertising space in the newsletter and on the HCC website  To join fill out the HCC Membership Application and send it in with your payment to:

Hovercraft Club Of Canada
PO. Box 39
Britt, ON.
P0G 1A0


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Hovercraft Club Of Canada