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The 17-ton Viking evolved from the Voyageur program.  It was designed to meet the need for a smaller but similar multi-purpose craft capable of hauling a 6-7 ton payload at a speed of over 55 mph.

The Viking prototype was completed in 1974 and was equipped to meet a Canadian Coast Guard requirement for an inshore search and rescue hovercraft.

Viking was powered by a single United Aircraft of Canada ST6 Twin-Pac gas turbine which delivered 1,300 hp continuous.  Power was transferred to a single 7-foot diameter centrifugal lift fan and, via a vee-drive transmission, to two 9-foot diameter, 3-blade variable pitch propellers for thrust. 

The Viking program was eventually scrapped when transmission problems from the twin propeller system proved too expensive to solve.


Length: 13.6m    Width: 7.9m    Empty Weight: 9,383 kg    Gross Weight: 14,742 kg    Max Speed: 57 mph

The Viking was manufactured by

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