The original Chinook was designed by Ron Fishlock. Photos of Ron in the plywood prototype during the first hover are seen below. 

The Chinook was later modified for manufacture in fibreglass and was subsequently produced by more than one company!

Details of the lift and thrust engine installations.


(The following is taken from the original Chinook Sales Brochure)

Technical Data

Length, 11 ft 3"    Height Overall, 3' 7"    Width, 5'    Weight, 285 lbs


Lift System

5 HP Tecumseh 2 cycle engine, manual start Vacuum pump fuel system - driving a five blade ducted polypropylene fan.

Thrust System

26 HP Kohler 295-2AX, 2 cycle engine, manual start, cavuum pump fuel system - driving a 10 blade ducted polypropylene fan.

Performance Data

  • Maximum Payload 325 lbs.

  • Grade climbing ability 20 plus

  • Hoverheight: Hard Structure to ground, eight inches

  • Obstacle ability: Up to 12 inches

  • Fuel capacity: 4.5 Imperial Gallons, permitting 5 hours at cruise speed.

  • Fuel: Gasoline and oil mixed: 30 to 1


  • water - 30 MPH plus

  • land - 40 MPH plus

  • ice and snow - 45 MPH plus

Manufacturers include:

Hovertec Inc
Unit 1
250 Rayette Road
Concord, Ontario
L4K 1B1
Tel: (416) 669-9801
Hoverjet Inc
55 Glen Cameron Road
Suite 21
Thornhill, Ontario
Hover-Flight (Canada) Ltd.
7686 Kimbel Street
Unit 15
Mississauga, Ontario
L5G 1E9



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