Flylo Corp.

One of the more successful light air cushion vehicles, the Flylo 240 is an amphibious 2-seater powered by a 42HP 1600cc Volkswagen engine and capable of speeds in excess of 35 mph over land or water.  Lift is achieved by a flexible shaft which runs to the 35" aluminum axial fan.  Thrust is from a similar flexible shaft which drives a ducted 38" 2-bladed fully variable, reversible pitch propeller. The GRP moulded hull is of planning sidewall configuration.  Steel skids were fitted  to the base of each sidewall to prevent wear.  A retractable skirt, consisting of a flexible substructure of the bristle-membrane type, enabled the operator to convert the craft quickly from rigid sidewall to simple plenum mode for beaching and overland operation.

Length: 14'9"    Width: 6'5"    Empty wt: 740 lb    Payload: 425 lb    Speed 35 mph

The Flylo 240 was manufactured by

Flylo Corporation
King Street W.
Ingersoll, Ontario
Tel: (519) 485-3003



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