F.W. Horn
Horn Bonny 1

The Horn Bonny 1 was designed to operate with the oil industry in northern Canada as a 1/2 ton ACV truck.  The craft was built in marine ply sheathed in glass fibre.  The skirt was fingered bag type at the bow and sides with bag type across the stern.  Powered by a single 327 GM Chevrolet engine which drives through a standard automobile gearbox assembly and toothed belts, two Rotofoil glass fibre lift fans and a Hartzell variable-pitch propeller.

Length: 28'    Width: 13'9"    Height: 6'6"    Empty Weight: 3,300 lb    Payload 1,200 lb    Speed: 50 knots

The manufacturer's address was:

F.W. Horn
26 Springfield Avenue
Red Deer, Alberta



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