Space Boats Inc.

Known by many names over its lifetime - Starship, RX440, TX500, XL503, WindRider, etc, etc, etc, the "Starship" was first conceived in the late '70s by Dr. Louis Chia, Ph.D. The prototype was produced in  Singapore in the early '80s. The first consignment of Starships were shipped to California and Toronto for promotional purposes and a licensing agreement was made with Space Boats Inc. The basic hull shape was penned in the Toronto area by a young fellow who worked with Dr. Chia.

The back end of Hoverspace Ottawa's Rotax 503 powered Starship.

One of the early Starships powered by the 503cc engine.  This was one of two hovercraft belonging to General Motors Canada that they utilized for generating publicity.

Patent for the "Starship" was granted to Dr. Chia by the US Patent office on December 16, 1986 #Des.287,234. Canadian manufacturers are: Space Boats Inc. HoverSpace Inc. and WindRiders. US manufacturers are Hover Dynamics in Atlanta, (they named the Starship 'RX2000'), and Hover Concept in California. In addition to the many units which have been sold in Canada and the U.S. 37 units were shipped to Japan & several are still operating in Guam as rental units.


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