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Air Cushion Industries

This neat little hovercraft heavily copied the British CC7 in both design and functionality.
Powered by a 230hp V8 engine which drove 2-centrifugal flow fans mounted at opposite ends of a transverse shaft.  Airflow was ducted beneath the craft for lift and via outlets aft for thrust.  There was also the ability to apply reverse thrust through louvers in the fan volutes as seen in the photograph below.

The AC800 was delivered to the customer equipped "ready to run" complete with battery, navigation lights, flasher, headlights, horn and standard instrumentation, tie-up cleats and fire extinguisher included.  Optionally you could add air conditioning, a heater and radio equipment.  There was also a custom trailer available for easy loading and transport.

The hull was made from reinforced high impact strength fiberglass with steel motor mounts and frame with aluminum and stainless steel fittings.  Additionally, foam sandwich construction provided 150% buoyancy.  The AC800 was powered by a 230HP water cooled automotive engine which burned standard gasoline.  Control was via a steering wheel which actuated hydraulic controls.

Length: 19'    Width: 11' 6" (deflates to 7'6" for trailering)    Height: 5'8" (7'8" when hovering)

    Empty Wt: 2,000 lb    Payload: 800 lb    Speed: 35 mph

The address for the head office was:

Air Cushion Industries Limited
Suite 206
77 City Centre Drive
Mississauga, Ontario
L5B 1M5
Tel: (416) 270-8780

The manufacturing plant address was:

Air Cushion Industries Ltd.
Unit 3
9 Lime Bank Road
Ottawa, Ontario
Tel: (613) 521-1647

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