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The ACT-100 was designed to carry 100 tons of supplies and equipment across any ground condition which the Arctic can offer as long as it is relatively level.  The steel barge type hull is fitted with an all round finger skirt.  The air supply system is mounted on the flat deck providing the cushion with air at the rate of 170,000 cu ft/min via two centrifugal fans driven by independent deck mounted engines.  The ACT-100 is not self propelled but is designed to be towed at speeds up to 6 mph which was considered more than adequate for Arctic operations.

During the winter of 1975/76, under the auspices of the Ministry of Transport, the ACT-100 was fitted to the bow of the CCG icebreaker Alexander Henry.  Following the trials, the MOT reported that the combination of the Alexander Henry and the ACT-100 could proceed continuously through 17 inches of ice at 9 knots, 24 inches at 5 knows and 30 inches of ice at 2 knows, whereas, the "Henry" alone had a maximum continuous icebreaking speed of 2 knots in 12 inches of ice.


Length: 57 ft    Width: 75 ft    Empty Weight: 150 tons    Payload: 100 tons

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Arctic Engineers & Constructors



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