Air Trek Systems Ltd.
Air Trek 140

Designed by Derek Jones of Jones, Kirwan and Associates for use in arctic conditions, this utility hovercraft carries up to 16 passengers or freight weighing up to 1360 kg (3000 lbs).  The main structure is built in marine grade aluminum and is stressed to operate at 60 kph or about 35 mph in .9m (3 ft) seas.

It was developed about 1983-84 and used a unique power distribution system. A Caterpillar 3208 360 hp diesel engine drove via toothed belt a 6-bladed, fixed pitch ducted propeller.  It also drove via an Eaton Hydrostatic drive system, a pair of centrifugal lift fans.

Air Trek 140 Particulars

Length: 11.2 m    Width: 5.74 m    Max Load: 1,360 kg    Craft Weight: 4,832 kg Cruise Speed: 61 kph


The AT-140 was manufactured by:

Air Trek Systems Ltd.
Air Cushion Vehicle Mfg and Operators
P.O. Box 1224
Chatham, Ontario
N7M 5L8
Tel (519) 352-7040



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