Canadian Cushion Craft
Canair 2

Designed by Ron Fishlock shortly after his arrival in Canada.  The Canair 2 was the beginning of an evolutionary design that has culminated in the Canair 506/509/512.


Powered by a single Kohler 440cc 2AS engine which produced 35HP which drove a 30" diameter Multi-wing axial fan.  The air from this fan was divided with approximately 1/3 of the air being directed for lift. Constructed of Glass Reinforced Plastic with integrated buoyancy. The Canair 2 was the beginnings of the Canair series penned by Ron Fishlock and saw the beginnings of the now familiar reverse thrust/braking systems as used on all subsequent designs by Fishlock. It was designed and constructed with funding from the Newfoundland and Labrador Development Corporation.

Dimensions & Weights:

Length: 14 ft    Width: 7 ft 3 in    Height: 4 ft 6 in    Empty Weight: 450 lb    Payload: 500 lb


Max Speed (calm water): 30 kts    Max Speed (land): 36 kts    Endurance: 2 hours

The Canair 2 was built by

Canadian Cushion Craft Ltd.
P.O. Box 8534, Station A
St. John's, Newfoundland



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