Canadian Hover Air

When Peter Rubie started his efforts to establish the first Hover Club of Canada back in 1967, he soon realised that the club would grow more quickly if hovercraft kits were made available to the Canadian hovercraft enthusiast. The single seat Hoverbat design came from the UK's Hover-Air Ltd. and Canadian Hover Air was set up as a subsidiary of the Chestnut Canoe Company in Fredericton, N.B. to construct and sell the Hoverbat on the North American market.

The prototype Hoverbat used a 250cc Villers engine driving a 30" 8-bladed axial fan for lift. Thrust was provided by two more 250cc Velocette Viper engines driving 30" GRP propellers.  

(The above two photos are of Hoverbats in the UK.)


Length: 10'    Width: 6'6"    Height: 4'    Empty Wt: 350 lbs    Payload: 200 lbs    Speed: 50 MPH

The manufacturer's incomplete address was:

Canadian Hover Air
Fredericton, New Brunswick



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