The HJ-105 was unique in that it had a circular platform.  It was powered by a V8 industrial engine which drove a ducted fan.  The air was divided to feed the multi-jupe Bertin type skirt.  In addition, the hovercraft employed a system whereby the rudders closed off the thrust redirecting the air forward to provide low speed control and reverse thrust.  The sides folded bringing the width down to 8'6" to allow road transport.

The above photograph shows how the lift air was taken from the centre of the main duct. The rudder can be pulled completely to the left, covering the thrust exhaust and redirecting the air forward for reverse thrust/braking and low speed control.

The photo below illustrates how wide the craft is.  The bars that extend from the roof can be removed allowing the sides to be folded for storage or transport.

Diameter: 20 ft    Empty wt: 4,300 lb    Payload: 1,000 lb    Gross wt: 5,500 lb    Max Speed: 40 mph

The HJ-105 was manufactured by

Hover-Jak Limited
169 Centre Street East
Richmond Hill, Ontario
L4C 1A5
Tel: (416) 884-7735



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