The HJ-15 was described as a 15-ton capacity air cushion trailer of rugged simple construction with the ability to be dismantled easily for transportation by conventional highway truck or transport plane.  The HJ-15 used the Bertin system of independently fed multiple plenum chambers.

Lift was provided by two centrifugal fans mounted at the rear and driven by two Deutz diesel engines.  It was designed for amphibious operations and had a buoyancy at gross weight of 150%.  Propulsion was provided by swamp crawler vehicles, boats, winching or even by helicopter.

Length: 40 ft    Width: 18 ft    Empty wt: 8 tons    Payload: 15 tons

The HJ-15 was manufactured by

Hover-Jak Limited
169 Centre Street East
Richmond Hill, Ontario
L4C 1A5
Tel: (416) 884-7735



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