Hover Jet Inc.

The HJ-100 was described in Hoverjet's literature as "a high performance, single-seat sports hovercraft of GRP construction".  It had a claimed top speed of 65-70 mph!  It employed an integrated lift/propulsion system whereby a single Kohler 2-cylinder, 2-cycle air cooled engine of 36 HP drove a transverse fan shaft via a toothed belt.  At the opposite ends of the fan shaft were two 24" axial fans.  One of these fed air to the cushion while the other had its thrust directed aft through a rectangular outlet for thrust.

The craft was steered with a rudder stick which directed three interconnected vanes set in the air jet aft.  Airflow for braking and reversing was provided by lowering a lever operated thrust director plate into the duct ahead of the rudder vane, which directed thrust air upwards and through a forward facing roof aperture. The hull was a two piece moulded GRP with a metal motor mounting.

Length: 12'    Width: 5'10"    Height: 3'2"    Empty Wt: 340lbs    Payload: 240lb    Max speed: 70MPH

The manufacturer's address was:

Hoverjet Inc.
58 Glen Cameron Road, No. 21
Thornhill, Ontario
Tel: (416) 881-0737



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