Hover Jet Inc.

Described as "an amphibious workhorse" in the factory brochures, the HJ-1000 was designed to meet the needs of exploration parties.  It was constructed using standard GRP and could carry a payload of up to 1,000 lb.  Lift was supplied by a single Kohler 42HP K440-2AS 2-cycle air cooled engine driving two  20" diameter 10-bladed aluminum fans mounted vertically at the opposite ends of a transverse shaft.  Propulsive thrust was supplied by two ducted mounted, 42-HP Kohler K440's, each driving a single 30" diameter 10-bladed axial fan.

The skirt was a segmented loop constructed of laminated 16-oz nylon coated with neoprene.  The hull was of two piece construction comprising upper and lower fibreglass bodies mounted on a welded steel inner frame.

The driver sat forward and up to four passengers were accommodated in a wide cabin aft.

Length: 18'    Width: 7'10"    Empty Wt: 970 lb    Payload: 1,200 lb

The manufacturer's address was:

Hoverjet Inc.
58 Glen Cameron Road, No. 21
Thornhill, Ontario
Tel: (416) 881-0737



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