The HS-2 was a light amphibious three-seater which could also be used to carry freight.  The two passenger seats folded against the sides of the cabin to provide a freight deck measuring 4'4" x 4'2".  Power for the lift fan was provided by a single Kohler 2-cylinder, 2-cycle air cooled engine of 23HP.  Thrust was supplied by two outrigged engines of the same design driving two propellers housed in glass fibre ducts.  The hull was of moulded GRP with blown-in polyurethane foam for stiffening and buoyancy.


Length: 15'    Width: 8'4"    Empty Wt: 1,040 lbs    Payload: 650 lbs

The manufacturer's address was:

Suite 25, 15 Esterbrooke Avenue
Willowdale, Ontario
Tel: (416) 445-8658



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