CanaHover Ltd.

Originally patterned after a British amateur hovercraft - The Players No6 designed by Formula 1 race car designer Owen Maddock.  The HoveRover went into mass production in Ottawa in the late 1960's.  It was so successful that quite a number were sold in Britain!  

The Hoverover was powered by three JLO 2-stroke air-cooled engines.  One was mounted ahead of the cabin and powered two aluminum cenrifugal fans for lift.  The other two were mounted in ducts at the rear of the craft, each directly driving a 2-bladed 36" metal propeller for thrust.

The Freighter version of the Hoverover.

The base of the machine was made of formed and extruded aluminum sections with foam attached for buoyancy.  A tubular and formed steel sub-frame mounted on vibration isolators supported the lift fan assembly.  A one piece fibreglass hull and cabin or cockpit was fitted above.


Length: 16'3"   Width: 7'6"    Height: 5'2"    Empty Weight: 840 lbs    Payload: 600 lbs

The HoveRover was made by

Canahover Limited
Box 900, Station B
Rivierside Drive
Ottawa, Ontario



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