H.I.L. Industries Ltd.

The Hovertrek prototype seen undergoing trials.

H.I.L. Industries hoped to provide two versions of their Hovertrek to the marketplace - a sports model seating up to three adults plus three children and a more powerful utility model with a payload capacity of 700 lbs.  The cushion air was supplied by a single 23HP Wankel engine driving a 30", 6-bladed axial fan.  Thrust was provided by a single 40HP Kiekhaefer engine driving twin, duct-mounted 36" 2-bladed laminated wood propellers via gear belts.  The skirt was a closed bag type fabricated in "Climatite" nylon/rubber material.  The hull was a standard GRP with reinforced longitudinal beams to support the vehicle when at rest.

Length: 13'10"    Width: 7'11"    Height: 4'5"    Empty Weight: 350lb    Payload 550lb    Speed: 50 MPH

The manufacturer's address was:

H.I.L. Industries Ltd.
163 rue Cowie
Granby, Québec
Tel: (514) 372-4435



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