Jones, Kirwan & Associates

Designed by Derek Jones of Jones, Kirwan and Associates for use in arctic conditions, the 187 featured a fully segmented skirt and thrust reversing system.

The prototype JKA-187 was purchased by Carl Falsnes of Northern Airlink Ltd. in Inuvik, NWT.  Carl was unhappy with the performance of the fully segmented skirt and undertook to redesign the skirt into a loop/segment design.  It was a very successful transformation as the top speed of the 187 increased significantly.  Carl also removed the reverse system to lower drag.

JKA-187 Particulars

Length: 11.2 m    Width: 5.74 m    Max Load: 1,360 kg    Craft Weight: 4,832 kg Cruise Speed: 61 kph

The JKA-187 was manufactured by:

Chatham, Ontario



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