Komar Engineering

The Aquaterra started development in 1969 which continued through 1973.  Lift was provided by a 36hp CCW air-cooled 2-stroke engine which powered a 3-ft diameter 12-bladed axial fan.  Thrust was a 65hp Volkswagon engine driving a 2-bladed Banks-Maxwell propeller.  Accommodation was provided for 2-passengers plus the operator in a side by side seating arrangement in the enclosed cabin.

The first production Aquaterra 3-seat recreational ACV.


Length: 14 ft    Width: 6.5 ft    Empty Wt: 750 lb    Payload: 600 lb    Max Speed: 50 mph

The prototype was built by

Komar Engineering Ltd
P.O. Box 457
Trenton, Ontario
K8V 5R6
Tel: (613) 392-4477



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