Spectra II

The Spectra-II is a direct development of the Spectra-1,.  Developed in 1973, the Spectra-II replaced the twin axial fans with twin centrifugal fans.  The lift engine was a 400cc, 30 hp 2-cycle made by Canadian Curtis Wright.  Thrust was provided by a 3' diameter, 4-bladed ducted propeller powered by a 440cc, 35 hp 2-cycle CCW engine.  Both engines were equipped with electric start.

The thrust system for the Spectra-II was produced by an Ottawa Company - Hoverproducts Ltd.  It claimed 240lbs of quiet thrust from a 35HP 2-cycle engine.

Length: 10.5 ft    Width: 6.5 ft    Empty wt: 550 lb    Payload: 600 lb    Speed 45 mph

The manufacturer's address was

Box 50 1078 Queensdale Ave.
Blossom Park
Ottawa, Ontario
Tel: (613) 822-6525



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